How We Think

Our reputation is built on results. We believe brands are born, and if nurtured and fed correctly, become strong contributing members of our advertising community. We also believe brands become a part of our lifestyle, and whether you are the steward of your brand or the creator, we understand how important it is to you. We share your commitment to your brand, and understand your need to see it succeed. Our Deeds Not Words rules of engagement produces results, an outcome we both benefit from.

Our Team

After almost 15 years in business we have learned that people are the driving force in any successful environment. Our team has been selected because of their unique experiences and abilities in advertising and brand marketing.
We believe our service is the best in the industry, our creative is forward thinking and unique and our relationships in the community are respected and strong.
We bring a dependable group of honest, dedicated, hardworking and creative professionals to your advertising needs.


Karen Andrews & Jason Kassing


Karen Andrews & Jason Kassing

Frankly, we’re surprised Karen let us create her a bio. She’s not the one who likes to draw attention to herself even though she was named to Utah Business Magazine’s “30 Women to Watch.” And she is something to watch. Like a 14 armed octopus juggling flaming chain saws, Karen is a master at multi-tasking. She keeps about 40 balls in the air at all times, and we have yet to see her let one hit the floor. Karen does it all. Whether it’s handling dozens of accounts, whisking her boys to practice, or being a born-again fitness fanatic, Karen is definitely a woman you want to keep your eye on.

When Vince Lombardi said, “Winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing,” Jason thought Vince was talking directly to him. Thats why around the office we call him “Big Jase.” Whether it’s on the links or in a corporate board room, Jason is never afraid to mix it up with the big dogs. His motto is “Deeds Not Words” and it’s a motto that has served him well. Once Jase gets it in his head that he wants a client on his roster, he won’t rest until he's brought them on board. But it doesn’t end there. He takes it as a personal challenge to achieve the maximum level of return on investment for each and every client. Now if he could just apply that level of execution to his golf swing...