Kassing Andrews provides the services necessary to promote and market campaigns of every level and requirement including but not limited to:

Campaign Development
No great campaign is without a roadmap and compass. The best results have a beginning, a middle and an end. We know where we are going with your brand.
Concept Creative
Many companies are working with a little brand history and some are still writing the prologue of their business. We help you successfully enter the next phase of your brand life cycle or just getting you out of the gates… in style.
Logo and Brand Design
Much success is measured in top of mind awareness, name recognition and brand loyalty. It all starts with you… and the icon that represents your message. It all starts with your logo.
Once upon a time, the traditional advertising gods had a baby, and named it the Internet. That little guy has grown up and become a contributing member of society and you should be using it. We will help you do it successfully.
Media Placement
It’s not about buying billboards or radio or gaining frequency on Pandora, it’s about the strategy and the acumen behind those media purchases. Don’t worry…we won’t let you be fooled into spending what you don’t have to.
Commercial Development and Production
You’ve heard the saying, “perception is reality”? What the public sees on TV or hears on the radio is what they think and we make sure your message is thought out and produced clearly and effectively. View Examples
Outdoor / Print Placement
Utah is one of the most competitive outdoor markets in the country and there is definitely a strategy to a successful outdoor campaign. We know this and will guide your campaign through the confusion. View Examples
Copy Writing / Editing
Knowing the difference between their, they’re and there and knowing when to use them is a fun game people play…but we don’t like those games and it’s important to get that stuff right. Not to mention how important the attention to your brand detail IS, we think it’s paramount to your success. View Examples
Collateral Design
We do NOT settle for your standard T-shirt campaign or off the shelf trinket to push your message. Hang with us and see what we design and produce for your campaign. You will be remembered for your creativity. We succeed when you succeed. View Examples
Event Coordination and Management
Not all agencies are created equal or are able to bring big exposure events to your brand launch or company tradeshow but we can…and do…and will.
Social Media Management
Social is the latest of powerhouse platforms and it’s all about the #picture, the #message and #timing and when effectively done in 140 characters, people watch, listen and participate. View Examples
Community Awareness
Your brand can and should be civically responsible in all sorts of ways. We don’t forget that part of your campaign and help you implement your brand locally.
Public Relations
We remember who you are marketing to and why it’s important to be an effective part of their lives. The value of looking someone in the eyes and shaking their hands isn’t lost on us, nor will it be forgotten in your campaign.
Media Relations
All agencies have relationships with the media. We are proud to say we have great relationships and enjoy our longstanding involvement with our fellow media friends.
Radio Creative & Ad Production
Welcome to the theater-of-the-mind and Salt Lake's theater is a crowded one. We are good at radio...and can effectively put your brand front and center. View Examples